HOTFIXES 12.04.2019

Not every patch goes as expected. Luckily we have hotfixes…


Hello Leaguers,

After some time we’ve decided to be more transparent with our bug fixes and show you every fix which has been applied to the game.
There are some minor bug fixes and some major bug fixes. In the past we’ve been showing you the major ones mostly.


Maps & Modes

  • Snowball Fight – removed




  • Weapon stats not showing when killed – fixed
  • Localisation of pet items is missing /wrong – fixed


  • Fixed crash picking up a weapon while shooting in training – fixed
  • Disconnect from spectator when disabling spectators – fixed
  • Unable to start conquest and Training modes – fixed
  • Display Bug (Gifting AP Items) – fixed


Known Issues

  • AI in Warfare mode not visible
  • DB Error message when joining a server for the first time
  • Item have no stats in second game (100/103 HP Bug)