2nd April Patch Notes

Hello Leaguers,

Today’s patch will be small and contains a fix and a weapon change.

We’ve received several requests to revert the Rail Gun buff of last year. We now finally made our first step in re-balancing and changed the Rail Gun.
Also the HP bug which got partially fixed in our last Hot Fix got finally resolved today.



  • Railgun – balancing and gameplay change
    • Damage: 18 36
    • Damage (Full Charged): 76 130
    • Magazine: 8 4
    • Reload Amount: 2 1
    • FOV: 25 15
    • Delay Time: 0.65 sec. 1 sec.
    • Critical Damage Modifier: 0%
    • Press left click: Shooting
    • Hold left click: Start Charging
    • Press right click: Zoom in/ out
  • Pretender (Rail Gun) – changes haven’t been applied yet
    (future changes will follow)




  • HP display and stats issue when joining mid game – fixed


Known Issues


  • DB Error message when joining a server for the first time
    • waiting or restarting the client should fix the issue
  • Visual bug – Character models are not displayed properly during half-time and result screen.
  • Visual bug – The respawn bar isn’t filling up when respawning.
  • Visual bug – The PEN and EXP bonuses don’t show while on the result screen.