Game modes

S4 League impresses every shooter and anime fan with its unique visuals and action-packed duels.
This explosive combination gives every player exactly what they want. You can individualize your own character with loads of items: express your personal taste with different weapons, outfits and jewelry.
Have you created a character? Then you can get started! New S4 League players start with a short Tutorial. It explains the basic controls, focusing on techniques such as “dodging” or “walljumping”.

Battle Royal

Battle Royal is a classic “all-versus-all” game mode, You have various possibilities to set the rules of a match, such as match time or allowed weapons and skills.


Team Deathmatch is a team-based version of Battle Royal. Players are separated in two teams and receive points for defeating players of the enemy group.


Every player is carrying a crown. Once a player is defeated, he loses that crown. The team that collects more crowns from the enemy team wins.


Touchdown is the most popular mode of S4 League. It combines the fast-paced action of Deathmatches with tactical aspects, inspired by American Football.


Every round, one random player becomes the Chaser, having supernatural power and endurance. His target is to dominate all “regular” players before time runs out.


Across the map players will find three flags they have to capture.


You have to kill waves of NPCs, protect allies or defeat boss enemies.

PVE - Scenario Arcade

Team up with up to 3 players to defeat all enemies and learn more about the story of Netsphere between fights.

PVE - Mission Arcade

You either kill as many enemies as possible in a given time, or you have to kill a certain amount of enemies within the shortest period of time possible.

PVE - Conquest

Your mission is to defend the base from the spawning monster waves.



Each weapon has its own unique attributes and playing style.
Each character can hold up to three different weapons and one skill while playing. Become one with the weapon and enjoy! Remember, practice makes perfect.


Hits the target with one wide swing or damages all nearby enemies with it’s spin attack.


Highly destructive weapon with slow but deadly movements.

Plasma Sword

A great melee weapon to close the distance, stun or push enemies on your path.

EXO Scythe

The EXO Scythe excels at aerial combat to dominate adversaries above ground.

Spy Dagger

Chains quick slashes or rushes forward in a slow but devastating lunge attack to pierce through enemy ranks.

Vital Shock

Close-range weapon with a grasp attack that deals massive damage to all the users within its reach.

Assault Rifle

Mid-range automatic weapon with great offensive power thanks to its high rate of fire and accuracy.

Gauss Rifle

High accuracy rifle ideal at any distance thanks to it’s low horizontal spread.

Heavy Machine Gun

Rapid fire weapon with large magazine size at the cost of movement speed.


Gun with a wide-spread attack at long range that can deal devastating headshots at short-range.

Submachine Gun

Designed for increased mobility while firing at the cost of lower damage per bullet than other ranged weapons.


Extremely heavy weapon that can be deployed to use the full potential it’s high rate of fire and huge magazine.

Earth Bomber

Throwable bomb that explodes in a wide area damaging anyone within it’s blast.

Lightning Bomber

Special grenade that slows and damages all players nearby the detonation, even allies!

Mind energy

Short-range ray that can restore allies health even through walls or obstacles.

Mine gun

This weapon fires mines that explode on contact.

Rescue Gun

Support weapon with special ammo that heals the allies with every hit.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher carries low ammo but has great destructive power.


S4 League has a wide variety of skills! Each skill offers its own unique advantage. Skills are classified either as active (requiring manual use) or as passive automatic buffs. Each character can equip up to one skill at a time.