Black Friday Offers

Dear Leaguer,

Are you prepared for THE weekend? This weekend we will have some truly amazing offers for you!

Starting from Friday 27th at 4 PM CET until Monday 30th 4 PM CET you will find a special “Black Friday”category in our web shop. What will you find in there you may wonder…

Juicy items with up to 50% discount will await you!

But wait! The surprises don’t end here. We will also have a special “Black Weekend” Tiered Spender starting on Friday 27th at 4 PM CET and ending on Tuesday December 1st at 4 PM CET.

You may wonder if this is all we have for you. Not at all!

On Monday 30th at 4 PM CET and for 24 HOURS ONLY we will have a Cyber Monday SALE with more discounted offers as well as some popular item restock.

You wonder what the popular items will be for sure. You shall find out soon!

Enter our shop on Friday 27th at 4 PM CET and let the shopping begin!

Farewell, Leaguer!