Fair and Square Deathmatch

Hello Leaguers!

We are kicking off the most liked community ingame event!

This weekend is your chance to show your rivals what you got, compete in a fun Death Match game with the team and perhaps get some prizes on top!


Play Death Match mode on Square map with a team at least 2 vs 2.



The more you play the better rewards you can get! And of course the rewards are summed up!

Play for 1 hour to get Kitsune Fox Set (7 days) + Eastern Demon Set (7 days) + 5.000 PEN
Play for 2 hours to get Watermelon Bomber Capsule + Snow Earth Bomber Capsule + 10.000 PEN on top
Play for 3 hours to get Elite School Boy Capsule + Elite School Girl Capsule + 20.000 PEN on top
Play for 4 hours to get Reset Insurance + 30.000 PEN on top

Rewards will be sent within a week after the event. We will announce once they have been sent out, so please be patient.


The event starts on Friday 17th of May at 22:00 and runs until Monday 20th of May 23:59 CEST time.


  • Only listed mode and map will count.
  • You can get rewarded for max 4 hours and they are summed up.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any participant that may breach the rules of the event or our ToS!
  • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
  • No cheating, no hacking, no rule breaking!
  • Rewards will be sent within a week after the event end.